Our company is headquartered in Kannawa Onsen, Beppu City, a tourist destination.

We have grown our company, rooted in local tourism in Oita. We manufacture sweets

representing the traditional confectionery such as "Zabonzuke(zabon peels), which won the Honorary President Award"
and "Yuzu-ichiban (yuzu jam busse cake ), which won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award",
and "Yaki Yaseuma (baked crackers with soybean flour and black sesame), which won the Honorary President Award".

We have about 250 items of sweets, pickled vegetables and so on.

We develop and manufacture products, using local raw materials in Oita such as "zabon",

"kabosu", and "yuzu". In addition, our business proposes and wholesales souvenirs

to sightseeing spots, leisure facilities, inns and hotels, mainly in Beppu and Yufuin.

●Corporate  Profile●

Nankou bussann Co., Ltd.

Location       2-1284 Ooaza Kannawa, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture


TEL     0977-66-4151      /FAX     0977-66-4153

President and Representative Director: Tomonari Haraguchi

Creation of the company: November 1967

Employees : 30 (August 2021 )


Capital: 28.47 million yen

Line of business: Production and sale of  traditional confectionery, pickled vegetables, beverages , etc.

Affiliates: 2 companies

Name of Financial Institutions: Japan Policy Finance Corporation, Oita Mirai Shinkin Bank, Oita-bank, Fukuoka Bank

Main manufacturing products: Confectionery and foods mainly made from citrus fruits (kabosu, yuzu, zabon) 
Zabonzuke   Yakiyaseuma   Yuzu ichiban  Kanjuku kabosuzuke Yuzu gosyou  Kabosu gosyou   Kabosu gummy   Kabosu chocolate